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Yopokki kimchi 140G

Yopokki kimchi 140G

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To prepare these "Sweet & Spicy Rice Cakes", all you need is;

  • put the "Tteok" (rice cake) and the seasoning in the pot
  • add a little water to keep the taste of the sauce
  • mix well and cover
  • microwave for 2 minutes

It's ready, mix a little before tasting.

Rice Cake (rice, salt, acidity regulator, grain alcohol), Seasoning (sugar, salt, kimchi stock powder, glucose, dextrin, glycine, red chili powder, maltodextrin, dried kimchi flake, phosphate acetylated distarch, dried cabbage, vegetable base, monosodium L-glutamate, flavored base powder)

ALLERGENS: corn syrup, wheat,