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Yopokki garlic 140G

Yopokki garlic 140G

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To prepare these "Sweet & Spicy Rice Cakes", all you need is;

  • put the "Tteok" (rice cake) and the seasoning in the pot
  • add a little water to keep the taste of the sauce
  • mix well and cover
  • microwave for 2 minutes

It's ready, mix a little before tasting.

Rice cake: Rice, salt, citric acid; food acid E330.

Seasoning powder: Mixed preparation [soy sauce (soy), soy (soy), water, salt, sugar, vinegar), maltodextrin, salt], acetylated distarch phosphate. Mixed preparation2 [soy sauce (soy), soy (soy), water, salt, sugar, vinegar], garlic powder, yeast extract powder. Mixed preparation3 (dextrin, kelp extract, salt, salt Pacific sand lance (fish), (salt, water, sand lance (fish)), disodium succinate, sugar, yeast extract, flavor enhancer 5'-ribonucleotide E635), garlic , monosodium glutamate, flavor enhancer E621, salt, tomato powder, vinegar powder, onion powder, yeast extract, parsley powder, calcium phosphate, mineral salt E341, caramel coloring, caramels E150.

ALLERGENS: corn syrup, wheat