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Hot Chicken - Big Bowl Ramen - Carbo 105G (SAMYANG)

Hot Chicken - Big Bowl Ramen - Carbo 105G (SAMYANG)

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Extra spicy chicken instant noodles with carbonara (cheese and cream)


Noodles (71.1%): wheat flour, modified tapioca starch, refined palm oil, modified potato starch, wheat gluten, refined salt, emulsifier [lecithin (E322)], onion extract, regulator acidity (anhydrous potassium carbonate (E501), sodium carbonate (E500), dibasic sodium phosphate (E339), citric acid (E330)], thickener [guar gum (E412)], green tea flavored oil .

Soup (16.7%): Water, Artificial Chicken Flavor Powder, Soy Sauce, White Sugar, Red Pepper Powder, Chilli Pepper Powder, Soybean Oil, Onion, Red Pepper Seed Oil, Garlic, modified potato starch, paprika extract, discolored chilli extract, black pepper powder, curry powder. Powder (12.2%): Whole Milk Powder, Milk Powder, White Sugar, Salt, Mozzarella Cheese Powder, Butter Powder, Modified Potato Starch, Curly Parsley, Pepper Powder, Garlic Powder, Soya oil.

Contains: wheat, gluten, soy, milk.


  • Open the bowl halfway and add boiling water halfway up. Wait 3-4 min and drain as much water as possible
  • Finish by adding the spices, sesame seeds and vegetables