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Yukgaejang Noodles - Spicy & Mushroom 120G (SAMYANG)

Yukgaejang Noodles - Spicy & Mushroom 120G (SAMYANG)

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Instant noodles served with a spicy soup called Yukgaejang, a traditional Korean broth made from beef, spring onions and bean sprouts, the soup cooks for a very long time to make it almost thick. It is known to have beneficial effects on the body.


Noodles: Wheat flour, modified tapioca starch, palm oil, salt, soybean oil, sugar solution, E420, emulsifiers, acidifier, thickener, green tea oil, colour.

Soup: Salt, flavor enhancer, seasoning [hydrolyzed vegetable protein (soy, corn, wheat), artificial beef, sugar, garlic concentrate, acid, palm oil

Contains: wheat, soy

Weight: 120g

Halal certified.

Product of Korea.