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The refreshing Japanese dessert to absolutely taste in summer!

If at home we have all kinds of ice cream, in Japan they have an-mitsu !

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Very popular , this typical fresh and fruity dessert (designating the parts " an " for the anko paste and " mitsu " for the sweet syrup), refreshes during the summer by the hot weather.

Indeed, made of a mixture of ingredients typically adored by the Japanese, we generally find in this pastry: small cubes of jelly , sweet or anko adzuki bean paste , accompanied by various fruits such as pieces of peach , mikan (Japanese citrus fruit), pineapple or even cherries. You can also find boiled peas as well as gyūhi (a form of wagashi, a softer variety of mochi).
Usually the cubes are dipped in sweet black syrup or mitsu before eating, all served in a small jar.

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There are also variations such as mitsumame ( mame for peas) is an-mitsu without bean paste, or even an-mitsu ice cream (ice cream as a topping) often with shiratama dango (a kind mochi).


But how to taste it?

To fully appreciate your an-mitsu, eat it fresh by placing it in the refrigerator at least 1 hour before tasting.
Then, pour the contents of the sachets except the sachet of liquid black sugar into the bowl without draining them. Add at the end the bag set aside (liquid black sugar) as a topping (on top).

Advice from the FUNSO team:
If you prefer a personalized version, we advise you to add caramel/lemon/cherry syrup or red fruits/candied chestnuts/chestnuts/blackberries/brown or white cane sugar/floral syrup like rose, with crushed ice.

Want to taste it? We have the matcha version composed of:

- kanten vegetable jelly cubes (Japanese name for agar-agar, a natural vegetable gelling agent extracted from red seaweed) with matcha tea from Uji (a city located in Kyoto prefecture) with its recognizable vibrant green color

- sweet adzuki red bean paste
- black sugar honey

Find it on our site here !

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