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Permanent closure of the company of the famous metal boxes "Tomb of the Fireflies" of the studio Ghibli

Sakuma Confectionery Co Ltd, known for its red "Sakuma-style drops" preserves, is to cease operations, due to rising raw material prices.
9 Nov 2022 10:0am Tokyo Shoko Research Ltd.

 (TSR company code: 290060044, Toshima Ward, Tokyo), which manufactures and sells Sakuma-style drops, has informed its business partners that it will cease operations on January 20, 2023.
 According to the Sakuma Confectionery website, Sakuma-style drops were completed in 1908. The factory and other facilities were damaged during the Pacific War, but were rebuilt in 1948. The company had a factory in Hachioji City and has grown its business through name recognition.
 However, in addition to the competition from low-cost products, the company was not lucky enough to have other successful products. In addition, a drop in demand due to the spread of the novel coronavirus also resulted in a terminal loss of JPY 151.73 million in fiscal years 2009/2021, and the company's financial condition was in recession.
 According to the "Business Closure Notice", the date of closure is January 20, 2023. The reasons given for the closure of the business are the decline in sales due to the impact of the new Corona, the outbreak raw material and energy prices, and personnel issues.
  The representative of Sakuma Confectionery admitted in an interview with Tokyo Shoko Research (TSR) on the morning of January 9 that the company plans to close its doors.
 (TSR company code: 290062063, Meguro-ku, Tokyo), which makes sweets such as green-boxed Sakuma Drops, told TSR that the closure of Sakuma Seika had no impact on the business and that she continued to make sweets as usual.

Maybe more under the Tomb of the Fireflies design

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